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Jeannie Andresen: Plan For Your Planning Day

Episode 105 of Window Treatments for Profit
105: Jeannie Andresen: Plan For Your Planning Day

Today With Jeannie Andresen:

Welcome to the Window Treatments for Profit podcast. Today on the show we have Jeannie Andresen, a business coach helping design professionals make their businesses more sustainable.

Jeannie recently joined us on A Well Designed Business to discuss knowing your worth, charging accordingly, and turning away business that doesn’t fit. But you can’t get there without a plan, and you can’t make a plan without a planning day. In today’s episode, Jeannie shares her best practices for a great planning day. With her acronym DATED, she walks through every step from setting a date to debriefing afterwards. This process can make a big difference in your business, so listen in to find out more.

Pick It Apart

[2:40] Jeannie explains her DATED acronym: set a Date, create an Agenda, consider your Team, Execute and Debrief

[9:22] Jeannie lays out what a good agenda looks like, from looking at what worked and didn’t in the past year to reviewing trends over the past few years, then setting goals and strategies based on those trends

[12:30] Jeannie and LuAnn discuss setting big goals, even if they are unattainable

[25:45] LuAnn and Jeannie discuss execution and making decisions, then actually following through on those decisions

[33:15] LuAnn is blown away by the final concept of debriefing, and Jeannie explains why this step is crucial to every planning day

LuAnn Nigara and Jeannie Andresen’s Ah-Ha Moments

“As business owners, we are all operating at such a high level all of the time. And what moves the needle in our businesses is not that activity, it’s the activity that you take when you step away from your business—to actually look at it—to notice trends, to make decisions to change the course of how certain things are going.” – Jeannie Andresen

“The goal for me, and I hope for most people in entrepreneurship, is to remove yourself as much as possible, in a way so that you can grow the others underneath you.” – Jeannie Andresen

“So often we have a really productive day where we make decisions, and we say that we’re going to do things, but if we’re not giving ourselves space and time to actually look at that stuff—add things to our calendar, clean up what we made decisions on, confirm that we made decisions—a lot of stuff falls flat…give yourself the space and time to actually execute on this.” – Jeannie Andresen

More About Jeannie Andresen:

Jeannie is a former corporate director turned life and business coach who specializes in helping interior designers become confident in both business and leadership.

Jeannie’s background includes a decade of experience in corporate America, running a recruiting business inside a Fortune 100 finance firm. Her role included directly managing a team of six, indirectly managing a team of thirty, and onboarding, training, and coaching sales professionals to develop habits of success to reach their business goals.

Jeannie now focuses her business on teaching interior designers the processes to running an organized, successful, and efficient business, so they can finally become confident in their business abilities and make the money they deserve.

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