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Jessica Harling: Firing a Family Member Part 2: 9 Tips to Make it as Painless as Possible

Episode 256 of Window Treatments for Profit

Today With Jessica Harling:

Welcome to Window Treatments for Profit. We recently welcomed Jessica Harling to the show to discuss what happens when you have to fire a family member or someone near and dear to your heart. In part 1, our conversation centered around the emotional side—how to come to terms with the decision that often feels impossible to make.  Today, Jessica’s back with the more practical tips for what to do once you’ve made the decision to keep the process smooth and minimize discomfort for everyone.

Pick It Apart

[2:15] Jessica discusses the three phases of letting someone go—the preparation, the actual conversation, and the aftermath—and why all three matter.

[5:06] Jessica shares her three tips for the first phase—preparing for letting a family member or friend go before you have the conversation.

[13:27] LuAnn and Jessica talk about three ways to make the actual firing conversation as painless as possible.

[27:57] Jessica shares three strategies for handling the aftermath of the firing in the best way for everyone involved.

LuAnn and Jessica Harling’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When we’re having these conflicts, both sides are harboring stuff right? The one side feels oppressed—you’re asking too much of me. The other side feels like, you never do half the things we need done. Whatever the obstacle or object of the disagreement is, both people feel like they’re right, and they’re both usually aware of the tension.” -LuAnn

“I’m hearing you say that we need to have the protocol for any person exiting our company established ahead of time. What you’re basically saying is we should all have an off-boarding process documented.” -LuAnn

“It’s best to approach the conversation from a less emotional standpoint, because if it’s all bottled up inside of you, then it could pop in the conversation if you get a little bit of defensiveness. So do yourself a favor and get it out of your system first, before you even schedule the meeting.” -Jessica

More About Jessica Harling

With unwavering conviction, Jessica Harling can break down complex decisions to simplify an action plan. Her dynamic problem-solving can confront potential obstacles proactively and energize any team, making others feel valued to achieve their ambitious company goals. She is the founder of Behind the Design, a People Operations company that enthusiastically collaborates with leadership to build dream teams! From recruiting to training and process development, their intuition for creating strong emotional connections discovers and nurtures rockstar talent with established streamlined processes that impact the company’s bottom line.

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