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Jessica Harling: Compensation Strategies: Part 2- Installers and Administrators

Episode 264 of Window Treatments for Profit

Today With Jessica Harling:

Welcome to Window Treatments for Profit. We recently welcomed Jessica Harling to the show to discuss compensation packages. In the first episode, Jess and I tackled the four most common ways that window treatment companies compensate their window treatment sales professionals.  Today we’re going to talk about compensating installers and administrators. We’ll cover hourly, the difference between salary exempt and non-exempt, and the reward system that Jessica uses in her own company. By the end of the episode, you will be clear on how to compensate your installers and admins based on their job responsibilities.

Pick It Apart

[7:17] Jessica and LuAnn discuss having check-ins and agreements with subcontractors.

[10:52] Jessica explains how window treatment professionals typically pay W-2 installers.

[18:00] The difference between a salary exempt and salary non-exempt employee.

[21:00] How it works when installers work off commission.

[27:08] The way you can pay the showroom administrators.

[31:53] Jessica explains what rewards should be offered to employees.

[54:30] Jessica offers advice on how to present a monetary reward to an employee.

[1:07:49] Jessica shares the incentive bonuses she offers admin.

LuAnn and Jessica Harling’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Once an hourly employee hits $30 an hour, you should start to consider making their salary because it means they’re more skilled and technical. They have more responsibility when they’re getting paid that rate.” – Jessica Harling

“Any responsibilities an employee has that affect your company’s financial bottom line would make them a salary-exempt employee.” – Jessica Harling

More About Jessica Harling

With unwavering conviction, Jessica Harling can break down complex decisions to simplify an action plan. Her dynamic problem-solving can confront potential obstacles proactively and energize any team, making others feel valued to achieve their ambitious company goals. She is the founder of Behind the Design, a People Operations company that enthusiastically collaborates with leadership to build dream teams! From recruiting to training and process development, their intuition for creating strong emotional connections discovers and nurtures rockstar talent with established streamlined processes that impact the company’s bottom line.

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