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What Would Lu Do?: A Fellow Trade Disrespected Me

Today on Window Treatments for Profit Today is a What Would Lu Do episode! Today, we'll talk about handling being disrespected by a fellow trade, what we should accept, and what we definitely shouldn't!... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

C-Suite Talks with Madeleine MacRae: Systems Makes Sales

Today with Madeleine MacRae: Welcome to Window Treatments for Profit. It’s Wednesday, which means there’s a brand new episode of C-Suite Talks with Madeleine MacRae for you to dive into. More About... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)

Shannon Lopez: The ERC Program – Do NOT Skip This Episode!

Today With Shannon Lopez: You’ve heard of the PPP, but did you know that there’s another government program waiting to give you as much, if not more money back? It’s called the ERC. Today, Shannon... (READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION)