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Katlyn Slocum: Make Your Website a Sales Machine

Episode 258 of Window Treatments for Profit

Today With Katlyn Slocum:

Today on Window Treatments for Profit I am joined by Katlyn Slocum, of Katyn Slocum Design — a boutique website design agency. According to Katlyn, your website is more than a marketing tool…it should be a sales machine. She is here today helping us decode this digital tool so it can start generating profits. She’ll walk us through analytics, lead generation, pre-qualifying potential clients, and some super-helpful website pro-tips. Listen now and download the goodie so you can take action today.

Pick It Apart

[3:48] Katlyn explains why it’s important to look at (and understand) your website analytics.   [10:24] Katlyn emphasizes the importance of having clear Call To Action buttons.

[16:43] LuAnn shares her pet peeve when it comes to websites and social media accounts.

[19:47] LuAnn asks Katlyn her thoughts on how window treatment professionals can overcome photography challenges in their portfolio.

[24:07] Katlyn offers a tip on what should go in your website header and footer.

[32:17] LuAnn suggests that everyone should spend some time on their own website to find out how well it works for users.

LuAnn and Katlyn Slocum’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Marketing is the things that you do to get people to your website…Sales is actually closing those marketing leads.” – Katlyn Slocum

 “Every single lead that you can capture is another conversation.” – Katlyn Slocum

“Right when people land on your page, you have less than a 10th of a second for them to decide if they’re staying on your site or not. It’s so quick.” – Katlyn Slocum

More About Katlyn Slocum

 I’m Katlyn and I’m passionate about helping professionals in the construction industry scale to new heights!

Growing up, all of the men in my life were tradesmen. My papa opened his own auto shop the year I was born (that’s 28 years ago). My dad and his dad ran their own HVAC business. My stepdad is a very successful and trusted roofer in southern Minnesota. I even married an electrician!

I’ve always admired these guys and have seen firsthand how hard they work every day. But as the internet kept growing, it wasn’t enough to work hard on the job; they had to market their businesses online, too. 

Some of my family took on the challenge—like my stepdad who continued to have enormous success in his area after investing in online advertising, a new website, and SEO. Others found it more difficult to adapt—like my grandpa who relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals and later closed his business. I know he isn’t the only talented tradesman who has struggled to keep up with online marketing.

That’s why I decided to intentionally create a business that helps blue-collar business owners—people like my dad, my uncles, my stepdad, and my grandpa—excel online and expand their businesses through website design and marketing.

I know the countless hours you invest to put food on the table and create a brighter future for your family.

And while I can’t do what YOU do, I DO know how to harness the power of the internet to take your business from struggling to thriving.

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