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What Would Lu Do?: Seven Strategies for Business Excellence in 2024: Steps 6 and 7

Episode 248 of Window Treatments for Profit

Today on Window Treatments for Profit

Today we have a What Would Lu Do show about planning ahead for 2024. Today, LuAnn goes over the last two steps of her Seven Strategies for Business Excellene in 2024. We’ll cover various aspects of planning, marketing, customer service, employee training, technology, partnerships, and personal development.

LuAnn Nigara’s Ah-Ha Moments

“It’s not just about expanding your network; it’s about creating synergies, tapping into new markets, and ultimately boosting your bottom line.” -LuAnn

“When you join … whatever it is, you need to show up, get involved and contribute to the group. When you give, you get, this is how it works.” -LuAnn

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